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Need a new copywriter?


Why should you buy copy from people who haven't yet worked with top-tier vendors & affiliates?

Instead, you can work with a seasoned I.M. copywriting veteran who GUARANTEES BIG RESULTS, or your money back.

If you're looking for THE REAL DEAL... Congratulations, THIS IS IT.


You want copy that delivers BIG RESULTS.


Take a look at the numbers I've been able to pull with my own copy, using 100% affiliate marketing (no PPC, no retargeting and no solo ads):

(And by the way, you should know that these aren't the typical, hyped-up "launch day" numbers - these conversion figures and EPCs were captured over the course of many weeks, after the dust has settled)

Do you want to get the "Product Of The Day" or the "Deal Of The Day" award?

Do you want to establish a reputable name for yourself, so your JVs always mail for you?

If you have the right copy... This will no longer be your dream, it will become your reality.

 Get your "unfair advantage" now

I've generated 6-figure launches for many people, even those who barely speak any English. If you want a BIGGER slice of the Internet Marketing pie for yourself, then you MUST invest into GREAT copywriting!

Unfortunately, great copywriters are always busy, and they cost a fortune ($5k+ for 1 sales letter). If you know you need help with copy, but you don't have that kind of budget, then this is your lucky day.

Now, look...

I've been doing copy since 2011...

And just so you know, I probably won't do any special discount deals for you, unless we've already worked together, or unless we make a SICK barter deal of some sort.

Back when I started... I did video sales letters only.

Now... I do general copywriting, including landing page text & video sales letters.

Every week, I open my doors for ONE (1) new customer.

This is your chance to get a FANTASTIC DEAL on top-shelf copywriting services by a 7-figure affiliate marketer & software vendor.

3-year vendor stats on JVZoo, not including backend profits from our webinars:


I can tell you about all the education I've received in college, or I can tell you about all the smart books I've read, but no amount of learning about copywriting will ever make up for my EXPERIENCE actually writing high-converting sales letters for some of the top people in the industry.

In my 6 years of online marketing, I've worked with LEGENDS such as:

- Todd Gross
- Rich Wilens
- Brad Gosse
- Precious Ngwu
- Venkata Ramana
- Satish Gaire
- And others...

I don't just work with these people - I know them personally.

Here's a photo of me hanging out with Matthew Neer (WarriorPlus all-star), who recently did a blockbuster launch.

Here's another photo of me partying with Han Fan (super affiliate from Kentucky) at our hotel room for Mayhem 2016 in Orlando.

And this is me masterminding with Satish Gaire (software developer from Texas) at the Collision 2016 conference in New Orleans.

I'm a down-to-earth guy who's HEAVILY INVESTED into my art of copy.

I go out of my way to do more than just complete the work; I spend time with these people, so I can get better at my job. That being said, it would be my honor to join you on your next launch.

Now, look, let me be totally honest with you...

There are many ways for me to show you why I'm 'more than qualified' to be your go-to copy guy, but the best way for you to learn about the needs of your market is to simply hire me to do the work for you.


Here's how it works:

To get the ball rolling, here are the questions I'm going to ask you after you purchase:

1. Your product name: ________________________
2. Your product niche: ________________________
3. Your target demographic, if you know this: ________________________
4. Your product price: ________________________
5. Your product benefits (list at least 3): ________________________
6. Your product features (list at least 3): ________________________
7. Your money back / refund guarantee: ________________________
8. Your bonuses: ________________________
9. Your public contact / support information: ________________________
10. Your keywords, if any: ________________________

But that's just the beginning. After you tell me these things, we'll get on a Skype call, and we'll dive deep into your project.

I want to understand your copy before I even start brainstorming ideas for it. I want to know:

- What your upsells / downsells are going to be
- How your target demographic feels about the problem that your product will resolve
- How your offer fits their deepest needs & desires
- Why your offer is superior to every alternative on the market
- Which 'surprise benefits' you could offer in your sales letter to set yourself apart from the competition

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

After this Skype call, I'm going to spend 3 or 4 hours researching your niche. I will study your competition, I will make a spreadsheet of the benefits that they describe, and I'll make it easy for you to see why your product KICKS ASS and deserves to be in high acclaim by the general public.

But that's not all.


...We're going to do a second Skype call, so we can discuss possible angles & hooks for your sales letter.

Once we've scratched the surface, NOW the real work begins.

First, I will create a rough draft of your copy. It will be error-free, and you will only see "completed work" that has been proofread.

Second, I will suggest color schemes for you to use in your sales letter. If you wish, we can discuss the required font size, and I'll even tell you what screenshots or proofs you must include in order to guarantee the success of your landing page.

Third, I will consult you on your presell campaign, so that your prospects are HOT & READY TO BUY when they land on your sales page.


I will polish everything up to make sure your traffic OPTS IN, BUYS, and then COMES BACK to buy again. Last but not least, you will sign off on my work, and your sales letter will be fully ready for publishing.

Here's exactly what you will get:

1. One (1) sales letter copy (DOCX file)
2. One (1) video sales letter copy (DOCX file)
3. One (1) PowerPoint file with your video sales letter (PPTX file)
4. One (1) audio voice over for your sales letter (MP3 file)
5. One (1) high definition video render of your video sales letter (MP4 file)

I do it all for you.

If you want, I'll even host the video sales letter for you on my Vimeo account.

If you also need a sharp, high-converting landing page, you should know that I offer webpage design services, which can be discussed after your copy is completed (NOTE: I promise you, my quote for your landing page design services will not exceed $300).

Terms and conditions:

  • You get ONE (1) revision request, provided that I have fulfilled all of your requirements and you wish to add 1 more new requirement after the work has been completed
  • You get UNLIMITED corrections, in the rare case that I completely ignored your requirement, which is a huge shame for me, so rest assured this will not happen - I will not ignore any of your requirements on the first draft
  • 100% money-back guarantee - if there is even 1 typo in your sales letter, you get a full refund; if I fail to adhere to your requirements, you get a full refund; if I fail to deliver the work within a week, you get a full refund. That's how confident I am that you'll enjoy working with me
  • Please allow 5 business days for the completion of the project
  • I do not outsource my writing - I will personally do everything for you
  • Last but not least... You must make yourself available for a SHORT call via phone or Skype - this is mandatory, so I can have full clarity on the scope of your project

All the love

"Thanks for the help with the copy!"

- David Zwanetz · SZA Law Firm

"Great stuff dude!"

Carlos Redlich  · Winning At Everything

"You're the best!"

- Leonidas Guiste · No FEAR Network

"My Russian friend!"

- Rich Wilens · Webinar Swaps

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